Tapo C200 Hardware Info

Processor: Realtek RTS3903 SoC
Wi-Fi  Chip: Realtek 8188FTV
Storage: XMC  XM25QH64A NOR Flash


Hardware Disassembly

The C200 camera has a relatively easy to disassemble outer case, compared to other 360 degree cameras on the market.
Its upper case and lower case are snap-fitted together, you can simply pry the camera open without any unscrewing and you will have access to its inside.

To disassemble the Y axis motor, you need to unscrew 3 screws that's holding it in place.

If you wish to access the C200's flash chip, you will have to unscrew three other screws to separate the main board from the front case. 
The two screws in the middle are for securing camera lens to image sensor, as in many other camera devices. Make sure not to unscrew them to protect the image sensor. 

The main PCB is connected to the front case with pins, so you'll have to push the lens with your finger to detach them.